Introducing the Skullwave Collection from Rubber Bones. This striking collection features an eye-catching color palette of black, red, and white, accented with a distinctive skull graphic set against trippy wavy lines. Designed for those who make a statement with their style, each piece in the collection is both impactful and stylish.

The Skullwave Collection includes an array of essential gear for BJJ and MMA enthusiasts. Choose from rash guards, shorts, and spats, each offering a snug fit and ultimate comfort for rigorous training sessions. We also offer a stylish snapback hat that complements the attire, perfect for casual wear or post-training. The men’s spats round out the collection, providing additional options for those seeking full coverage and support.

Embrace the simplicity and boldness of the Skullwave Collection—designed not just for performance but to showcase your unique style on and off the mat.